We are delighted to announce that Simeon Care for the Elderly is one of the partner charities for Run Balmoral They have free spaces for the 5k and 10k races to give away to people wishing to represent Simeon.

Camphill Aberdeen – How caterers in the community are surviving by using commercial dishwasher

Aberdeen and it’s community was hit particularly hard during the recent recession and local businesses such as cafes and restaurants were no exception to this. Many of these caterers were able to stay afloat and continued providing valuable services to the Aberdeen community by using a commercial dishwasher to cut down on the staff numbers that they needed. It’s always a terrible thing to have to get rid of staff but sometimes it’s necessary evil in order to keep a business afloat, fortunately commercial dishwashers have proven to be extremely useful to local businesses.

camphill aberdeen commercial dishwasher

How a commercial dishwasher is able to save money for local community businesses in Aberdeen

Employing a full time dishwasher can be pretty expensive, there’s wages to pay and shifts to work out. Their mechanical counterpart however can prove to be extremely useful and efficient at washing dishes and a compact dishwasher can fit into most kitchens. It’s true that an industrial dishwasher will typically consume more water than doing the washing up in the sink, however the money lost in this way is more than made up by the man hours saved in the long run.

Many of the local businesses in Aberdeen that we spoke to were not able to afford a dishwasher outright, many went down the route of using dishwasher rental or by buying a secondhand dishwasher, which saved them a fair bit of money. Thankfully now the economy seems to be recovering which isn’t only a boost for Aberdeen but for the UK in general, tourists are starting to return too which means the catering business is really starting to take off again. Commercial dishwasher will continue to save money and keep these local businesses and kitchens alive long into the future.

Camphill Aberdeen – How Automated curtains and Electric curtain tracks are helping the elderly

There have been a number breakthroughs in technology in recent years that have made the lives of the less mobile elderly members of the community significantly better, automated curtains are just one of these devices. Simple tasks like closing curtains or opening them in the morning are taken fore-granted by most people, however for elderly people who don’t have a great range of motion electric curtain tracks are a godsend.

Curtain tracks come in many forms but they are usually manually operated and not always placed in the most convenient of locations for the elderly to access. We spoke to one elderly lady in Aberdeen who told us that she sometimes has to go days without opening her curtains simply because she can’t reach the curtain rail, instead she has to wait for her carer to visit and open them for her. Fortunately automated curtains can change all this for many people.


How are electric curtain tracks making lives easier?

If we look at the example above, electric curtain tracks have made the life of the elderly lady in question significantly easier. She is now able to close her curtains automatically without the assistance of her carer, by automating the process it makes the whole thing not just simpler but easier too. Automated curtains are here to stay and are improving the lives of people not just in Aberdeen but throughout the UK.